Quintessential is the word I use to describe Oake Marketing. When starting up my business I appeared to have all of the details worked out, however I was still lacking a brand and a website. I had an idea of what I wanted and knew I was in good hands from the first correspondence. Andrew had a very structured process for creative development and was able to provide me with a great arrangement of high quality brand looks & feels to choose from. I was very pleased with the final product! As we moved on to the website, I knew there would be a lot of heavy lifting on my end but for some reason it just didn’t seem that way with the Oake team. Again, their process made it so easy to get across my vision for the site. I was also very appreciate of their advice for UX as the final layout turned out to generate high value actions that materialized into working dollars for me quickly. This team knows what they are doing and if you put trust into them, you will thank yourself! On that note, thank you to Andrew and the entire Oake team! Couldn’t be where I am without you. Since our collaboration, I’ve made several referrals to Oake from my network and in all instances I’ve received great feedback.