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How am I going to grow your business?

Custom Strategy

By creating a unique, tailored strategy to bring leads, customers and money to your business.

Social Media

By leveraging the right social media tools to fit your unique, targeted growth goals.

Audience Analytics

By measuring and optimizing our ongoing efforts to create a money-making machine.

Paid Per Click

Through expert PPC advertising, certain to yield a positive return-on-investment.


Through quantitative, trackable data, that allows for smarter, strategic marketing decisions.

Training & Consulting

By providing you with the knowledge to make the most of your growth.

Web Development

By creating a platform with a strategic, goal-driven purpose, not a useless money-pit.

Email & Messenger

By creating a conversation and personalized experience for your prospects & customers.

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Recent Success Stories

PPC: A Diamond in the Rough

Lawn Care Alert had always stuck to traditional means of marketing their business. Through direct mail flyers and door hangers, they were able to create stability for their business. When they came to Oake, the goal was substantial growth.

After auditing their existing marketing channels, we built a strategy to utilize Google AdWords to target high-intent prospects to grow their lead list, and increase sales. 

What a game changer that was.

After the first two weeks of running low-budget Pay-Per-Click campaigns through Google AdWords, and already seeing a drastic increase in leads, Lawn Care Alert wanted to double down. They decided to triple their daily ad budget and we went to work on scaling their campaigns — expanding to other cities, markets, and even re-marketing non-converting traffic through Facebook and Google’s Display network.

Lawn Care Alert now relies heavily on Google AdWords and our PPC, website, design and full-service expertise to drive consistent growth for their business.

A Fierce Marketing Funnel

Looking to expand from a small business to a mid-large enterprise, eFresh Meals came to me with the mission to increase online sales and develop a strong brand to bring to market.

Our first task was to revamp their web platform. We designed a unique, interpretive user experience that encompassed the primary functions of the eFresh ordering system; which included a weekly, recurring subscription for meal plans, and the ability to change meal selections each week before their weekly deadline. We developed a unique ordering process, as well as a customer dashboard for account and plan management. 

Coupled with Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, we were able to scale eFresh’s monthly sales from an average of $35,000 monthly, to $95,000 monthly in one month after the launch of their new website.

By targeting high-intent users through AdWords and creating a strong, cyclical funnel using Facebook’s Ad platform, eFresh Meals is poised for long-term growth.

Purely Organic

Paradisal Bliss had a minimal, to non-existent, monthly advertising budget; but needed to get over the hump of that start-up stage.

After a full business growth audit of their marketing channels, great discoveries were made. The thing was, Paradisal Bliss had a strong amount of website traffic every day — hell, they even had a strong Google search ranking in their specific target areas; so, why wasn’t the phone ringing off the hook?

It all came down to the website. We collected a month’s worth a representative data on their website using visual heat maps and screen recordings of customer actions. The results? People just weren’t converting, and we knew where they were dropping off. High traffic + high bounce rates = huge problem.

We went to work on redesigning a fully-responsive, custom website solution, optimized solely to generate leads and quotes. Within three minutes of publishing their new site live, we had two quotes come through. This was foreshadowing for the future of the business. Since the launch of this new website, Paradisal Bliss’ organic conversion rate has skyrocketed, and they’re relying solely on free, non-paid website traffic to grow their business — and it’s working like a charm!

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