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<a href=''>3 Strategies to Create a Compelling Marketing Campaign</a>

3 Strategies to Create a Compelling Marketing Campaign

When it comes to marketing your brand online, you need to know what strategies will work best for your business. A method that works well with a laundry service may show the same results if used for an eCommerce shop. Nevertheless, there are key strategies that marketers from every business demographic use to develop their […]
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<a href=''>3 Ways to Incorporate Offline and Online Marketing for Growth</a>

3 Ways to Incorporate Offline and Online Marketing for Growth

In today’s business and marketing scene, it’s paramount to employ online strategies to market your brand and promote your products or services for success and growth. However, it doesn’t mean that you should neglect traditional marketing forms at the same time, whether it is print marketing, TV, or radio. The best approach is to incorporate […]
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<a href=''>3 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing in 2020 - Our Guide</a>

3 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing in 2020 - Our Guide

Content marketing plays a pivotal role in enhancing the visibility and engagement of your brand, that’s why focusing on strategies that highlight customer relationships, relevance, and hacks that improve your exposure are old yet gold tricks.
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<a href=''>3 Rebranding Tips in Having an SEO-Friendly Website - Our Guide</a>

3 Rebranding Tips in Having an SEO-Friendly Website - Our Guide

If you have an old and outdated website that doesn’t have enough online visibility and traffic, then it may be time for you to consider a rebranding. Whether it’s a change in your business or product name, rebranding can be one of the best decisions you make for your business.  Why? Rebranding is one of […]
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<a href=''>I'm Andrew, Owner of Oake Marketing</a>

I'm Andrew, Owner of Oake Marketing

Hi there. I’m Andrew Pottruff, and I’m the owner, designer, developer, strategist, and creator here at Oake Marketing. As someone that works primarily with small businesses, and has built my reputation and career off of close-knit relationships, dependability, and quality work for the past 10 years, I felt it important to tell you a bit […]
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