Emerging Web Design Trends of 2020 – What to Know

Technology constantly evolves. As such, it also changes the way things work, like your website design. With new trends and innovations sprouting one after the other this 2020, you’ll feel that technology has once again made a digital revolution. 

Here are six emerging web design trends of 2020 that you should look out for this year:

Emerging Web Design Trends of 2020 - What to Know - 2

This beautiful text-based design from @Stian

Text-Only Hero Areas

Hero areas play a prominent role in attracting audiences. In the past, web developers used eye-catching images or other similar graphics to entice visitor’s eyes. However, the current trend for heroes seems to incline to text-only variants. It is undoubtedly thought-provoking and genius for people to realize that the removal of graphic images helped ticked the innate curiosity of people’s brains.

Emerging Web Design Trends of 2020 - What to Know - 3

This stunning illustration by @Julien Renvoye

Well-Crafted Illustrations

Although illustrations have been rampant in the past, people focus more on quantity instead of quality. Now, marketers are catching on and are keen on producing pictures that are custom-detailed and mind-boggling instead of lacklustre variants that don’t spark emotions whenever you see them. 

The best thing about the opportunities current technology offers is you can have the option to pair animations with your illustrations. Doing so helps add more depth and grab your audience’s interest. Additionally, it can be used as a communication platform to get your message across instead of the usual content structure where there’s a wall of text with a series of images scattered across the article. 

Emerging Web Design Trends of 2020 - What to Know - 3

This creative vintage style from @ilo

Vintage Colors and Font Styles

There’s a certain nostalgia about seeing familiar colours and fonts from the past. As such, it is wise for web developers to use that to their advantage. They can invoke a sense of emotions by employing the past to their current project. Remember that the whole picture doesn’t need to be retro-styled, but you can use the colours and fonts as is without any signs of retro designs. We personally think this is one of the cooler web design trends of 2020.

Emerging Web Design Trends of 2020 - What to Know - 3

This striped beauty from @Cameron Sagey

Zebra Color Scheme

Monochromatic colour design is a trend that prevailed in 2019, but 2020 is the year where black and white colours will reign. Although the monochrome trend of last year inspires it, it still is a different variant altogether. 

Emerging Web Design Trends of 2020 - What to Know

This killer design from @Clément Brichon

Outlined Fonts

Typography is one of the crucial elements in website design alongside colour and layout. One particular emerging trend revolving around typography is the outlined edges of fonts. Aside from being distinctive, it helps attract attention. That said, it is best to use this font on more crucial messages that need more attention like CTAs or promotional messages.

Emerging Web Design Trends of 2020 - What to Know - 7

This iconic design from @Ferenc Horvat

Gigantic Fonts

The size of the font gathers the viewer’s attention instead of style or colours. Aside from being an attention-getter, it helps people with visual impairment see your message quickly too.

Aside from what’s mentioned above, other emerging web design trends include the use of geometric shapes and patterns, thought-provoking animations, and trendy colour schemes – we’re pretty proud to think we’ve hit the nail on the head with a captivating, eye-catching colour palette of our own. Without a doubt, there will be new trends for 2021, so you should immediately adjust your website design to cater to the current trends this year so that you won’t be missing out on the opportunities they provide. 

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