Understanding Push and Pull Strategies in Digital Marketing

Every aspiring business owner and competent marketing consultant must familiarize themself with what is called push and pull marketing. This term refers to the two primary approaches to promoting products and services effectively to customers. 

Push marketing refers to the strategy of promoting a business to those who are not necessarily seeking out its product or service, while Pull marketing refers to targeting those who already do. Understanding these two concepts is critical in any business’ next step: launching successful digital marketing campaigns. 

This article is here to help businesses with either their own digital marketing plans or in their consultation with a digital marketing agency. The goal is to not only understand the nature of push and pull marketing but also to fully utilize this seamless approach to effectively generate leads and grow their business. 

Who are your customers?

This is at the heart of starting every business. You need to know what your business is and who your customers are. You need to know why your customers may be compelled to buy from you. You also need to know why they may think twice about what product or services they are already using, and why yours is a much better choice. Visualizing who your customers are is also important to understanding push and pull marketing. 

In the case of push marketing, you need to know who your would-be customers are and what their hesitations might be before buying your product or service. You also need to know what daily issues they may be witnessing that only your business can solve. 

On the other hand, pull marketing is more about understanding what your current customers want to hear. You may already have a customer base, and they keep on buying your products or services. You then have to ask yourself what will get them to buy more. You may also consider what might entice them to recommend your business to everyone they meet. 

In terms of digital marketing, there are effective ways to help you, as a business, visualize and understand who your customers are.  There are even online tools, such as keyword research or analytics, that give you all the information you need to understand your market. Be sure to look into these tools or consult a digital marketing agency.

What are the basic digital marketing techniques?

After you have done relevant research on your customers and defined who they are, you can now move on to the basics of digital marketing campaigns and establish a presence online.

First, you need to know about online advertising and its various forms. The basic ones are pay-per-click campaigns and social media advertising, so those are a good place to start. Then, establishing your presence online is also important if you want to generate leads based on search results. The basics are in understanding Search Results Optimization or SEO and website design. These are the building blocks of digital marketing.

What are the steps fo push and pull marketing?  

As mentioned earlier, push and pull marketing refers to the online approach of reaching out to netizens who are either actively seeking out the product or service or just randomly browsing online. Both are important to tap into and can be targeted for digital marketing

First, let’s look into push marketing and digital marketing techniques. These strategies require you to actively find ways to promote your product or service online. Having a pay-per-click campaign on different website platforms is one example of online push marketing. Netizens may not be directly seeking out what you offer, but you can present it in such a way that will make them reconsider. 

In the case of online pull marketing, you want to make use of SEO and its integration into your website. Having good SEO tactics rank your website higher on search results, which means that more online customers who are looking for a specific product or service will find your business. 

There are many other applications of push and pull marketing in the context of digital marketing, so make sure to browse through the internet and pinpoint the style you want for your business. In fact, you can and must integrate both for a well-rounded online marketing strategy. 


Push and pull marketing in the online space is highly effective and the most preferred approach. By understanding customers and the basic digital marketing techniques, you can better plan out what you want your business to be known for on the internet. After all, making your online presence felt is a great opportunity to sustain and grow your business. 

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