The Importance of Core Content for Business: What to Know

In the world of digital marketing and content creation, there are hierarchies. Core content is central to what a business offers and is impossible for its competitors to replicate—which is why it sits at the top level of content in a brand hierarchy. It’s that key element in your strategy that is powerful, highlights your brand’s message, and supports the business goals. 

Scaling your content marketing efforts means it needs to grow in all sorts of ways with different kinds of content. But it should all come back to your core content in some way, which should guide your strategy no matter what type of content you’re taking on. Everything from the bottom of the hierarchy going up should lead up to this core. 

Defining core content and why it matters

Core content is essentially your brand’s most unique and most essential piece of content that other brands can’t copy. This can include elements of your mission statement and vision, a core principle that guides the entire business, which then likewise guides the content you produce. It should be distinct enough that the brand’s strategists, creators, and editors must all be aligned.

Because core content is at the center of everything in your business, it sits at the top of your brand hierarchy. It governs all of the content you produce, and this interconnectedness between all the aspects of the business and your core content is what makes it essential. 

How to apply strategies to core content

For a good content strategy to work, it needs to align with your core content and brand goals. Any piece of content produced by your brand must be connected and lead to the top of the brand hierarchy to demonstrate the business values. Applying strategies involving your core content should then be a cohesive whole. 

  • Brand messaging

There is brand messaging within core content, which is the underlying value proposition conveyed by your content. To make the concept more tangible, it’s what makes customers relate to your brand as you inspire, persuade, and motivate them to buy your product. This feeds the entire content creation process, as the business value is communicated through carefully crafted content. 

  • Persona development

Persona development allows your brand to connect with its customers through character-driven brand stories that focus on the consumer’s wants and needs rather than fixating on the brand’s journey. These days, consumers want to know why this brand is valuable in their lives, not why it’s such a huge success story. This connection is what fuels genuine conversations between the brand and the consumer. 

When developing your brand persona, work with your team to identify how your products allow customers to solve daily challenges and fulfill needs or goals. By giving it this human aspect instead of just selling them a product, you can create a deeper connection that will make the product more meaningful. This then strengthens your content and reinforces your brand messaging. 

  •  Website development

Developing your website’s content needs many technical strategies to build the best possible user experience, depending on who your audience is. By understanding your brand messaging and how it matters to your target market, you can build a website that can guide them through content that matters, from relevant keywords to your overall web design.


The brand experience should be a powerful one for your audience. By strategizing your core content, you’re paving the way to unify the brand, values, and goals into one or two key ideas. This then streamlines the content production process, creating a solid and unique experience for your consumers to partake in.

Strategizing your core content to reflect in your brand messaging, persona development, and web design can take a lot of streamlining with the help of a digital marketing agency. Here at Oake Marketing, we create incredible digital marketing experiences for businesses in Brantford, Hamilton, Norfolk, and other areas. To learn more about how our services can help your business, visit our website today.