Our Experts Debunk 3 Common Social Media Marketing Myths

As an entrepreneur, you’ll need only the most current and accurate information to make sound business decisions. You’ve probably combed the Internet for up-to-date information on how to run your business, especially in a world that’s incredibly reliant on technology. However, there’s a lot of misinformation out there, and applying this to your business can be dangerous.

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled three common social media marketing myths and had our experts debunk them. You’ll have the advantage of using these at your disposal, helping you leap ahead of your competitors. Here are the myths and why they’re untrue:

  • It’s Okay to Ignore Negative Feedback

Feedback is essential to every growing business. In fact, even if you’re already an industry leader, you can’t afford to rest on your laurels and listen only to high praises. Technology has levelled the playing field like never before, and if you’re not careful, your competitor can take the feedback you ignored and benefit from it. 

Although social media marketing is about promoting your business’s best aspects, stellar social media management also includes handling criticism with finesse. If you ignore—or, even worse, delete—the negative comments, your customers won’t look unto your company so kindly. They’ll rightly believe that you can’t handle feedback and take their business elsewhere.

Social media is a great way to field negative feedback, mostly if you answer them strategically. Doing this will help you address criticism before it gains traction while showing your customers that you genuinely care about their concerns. Their suggestions can also be what tips the scales in your favour, so pay attention to the comments you receive!

  • Email Marketing is Obsolete

Since the inception of email, people’s inboxes have continually filled up with messages from almost every company imaginable. Overflowing inboxes have led some entrepreneurs to believe that their customers no longer open emails, causing them to eschew email altogether. Now that most people are on social media, that’s a much more effective way to reach them, right?

This point couldn’t be further from the truth. Social media marketing goes hand in hand with email marketing, and the latter still plays an essential role in your marketing strategies. After all, more people are going on social media cleanses, so concentrating all your marketing efforts on Instagram may exclude some important customers. Email is a useful tool to expand your customer reach, so don’t count it out just yet.

  • Social Media Marketing is Only for New Customers

Social media has become one of the most reliable ways for customers to hear about new businesses. Thanks to paid promotion on the most prominent social media platforms, you’ll have an even easier time reaching your target market. However, that doesn’t mean customer acquisition is social media’s sole purpose. 

The truth is that many of your customers have probably heard about you through other means, like word-of-mouth. Social media wasn’t responsible for their conversion, which means that you should use social media to focus on an equally important thing: customer retention. Given the instant nature of these platforms, your customers have an easier time reaching out. If you immediately respond and answer questions, they’ll feel much more likely to engage with you and eventually hand over their money.


Digital marketing is a crucial part of growing your business’s online presence, and social media marketing is no different. To enjoy the full impact of your advertising efforts, you’ll have to integrate these different strategies. Now that you know these three common social media marketing myths are untrue, you can capitalize on these and use them to gain a competitive edge in your industry. 

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