3 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing in 2020 – Our Guide

2020 is seeing technology-driven innovations in content marketing, and while AI-powered solutions are sure to provide a competitive advantage, building a more robust backbone for your efforts remains the cornerstone of successful marketing. 

Content marketing plays a pivotal role in enhancing the visibility and engagement of your brand, that’s why focusing on strategies that highlight customer relationships, relevance, and hacks that improve your exposure are old yet gold tricks. With that in mind, the list below invites you to visit the basics along with modern tweaks to develop your content marketing strategy: 

Tip #1: Focus on Analyzing Deep Relationship Metrics With Your Audience

When looking at your brand’s performance analytics, it’s easy to see your audience as numbers and visitors more than people you need to establish a relationship with. Through the years, businesses have changed the way it analyzes the metrics – likes, followers, impressions, and pageviews were all the rage during the initial stages. 

Now, the ROI evolution is seeing shifts every year, as 2016 moved forward to looking into deeper engagement through shares, return visitors, and the time spent on websites. Moving forward to 2020, businesses are experiencing another change as marketing is starting to prioritize their connection with people, which means the value of those relationships has a direct impact on the revenue. 

Some samples of brand loyalty are customers who subscribe to newsletters in this day and age or use returning visitors as part of the key KPI for your performance metrics. 

Tip #2: Optimize Your Content for Voice Search 

Keywords remain just as critical in increasing your visibility, especially when you use the appropriate balance between short-tail and long-tail keywords across your website. However, young adults and millennials are welcoming a new way to conduct searches online using voice searches from Google Home, Alexa, Siri, and more. 

This is deeply tied to optimizing your site for mobile use. By ensuring your keywords website is accessible through voice search, you can increase your chances of getting your content into rich snippets, which exponentially boosts your voice search traffic.

Tip #3: Mix Up Your Social Media Funnels 

In a digitally-oriented world where customers consume content at a fast pace, you need to keep up by tapping into a hot market. However, posting content on your website and sharing it on your social media platforms are not enough to generate traffic or spread brand awareness.

In a landscape that juggles many hats and moves at breakneck speed, mixing up your marketing funnels is becoming the new standard if you want to engage the right audience at the appropriate time and channel.

Launching a podcast, video series, getting active on Instagram, creating how-to’s, surveys, behind the scenes, and experimenting with other forms can help diversify your brand. It adds dynamic depth to your business and allows you to tap into various distribution channels. 

The Bottom Line 

Content marketing is a fundamental part of your business as it attracts the right audience and helps you build a loyal customer pool in the long run. It affects multiple facets of your business, that’s why ensuring its backbone remains strong is critical if you want to enhance your visibility this 2020.

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