How to Create a Winning Paid Social Strategy for Your Brand

Social platforms are more valuable now than ever before, especially since more people spend more significant amounts of time online. As COVID upended life and disrupted industries, companies had to find ways to stay in the public eye. In 2021, getting ahead of trends will still depend on having a robust online presence. Here are some things to consider incorporating into your digital marketing strategy.

Diversify Your Social Media Placements

Stories are now a ubiquitous part of the Instagram experience. It’s unthinkable that only a few years ago, people were doubtful that IG could compete with Snapchat. Some brands almost exclusively post updates on Stories. It is only a matter of time until people figure out a way to develop monetization and ad placements for the app’s other features. IGTV and Reels deliver the functionality of YouTube and TikTok, respectively. Forward-thinking marketers will already be thinking of how to better use these for driving brand awareness.

Don’t Rely Only On Facebook For Paid Ads

It’s not exactly groundbreaking, but many people forget the adage, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Facebook has been incredibly effective at driving audiences to sites, so many small businesses find it convenient to rely heavily on the platform for their digital marketing strategy. However, it is crucial to diversify. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself at the mercy of another business.

When Facebook disappears, your entire funnel will, too, if you don’t have anywhere else to go. If Facebook decides to cease serving ads or a massive outage happens, you will be in a bind. Sit with your team and clients and come up with secondary platforms that can drive conversions.

Invest In Pinterest Advertisements

Something most marketers have not explored fully is Pinterest. Pinterest is poised to have a 20 percent growth in online advertising in the coming year, so now is the best time to conceptualize an ads campaign for the platform. If you are an e-commerce store or cater to specific demographics, Pinterest will help drive traffic. Consult a digital marketing agency if a targeted campaign makes sense given your brand’s audience.

The Verdict: Strategize Now For Long-Term Wins

Although it’s impossible to know for sure how paid social will fare in 2021, you can use historical data to project which ad networks are set for growth. Most budgets and efforts will undoubtedly still be for Facebook. However, it is vital to learn about monetization on other platforms, especially if you cater to a highly specialized niche.


Using paid social ad campaigns continues to be a trend in digital marketing. One of the most meaningful insights in the past decade is that people do not uniformly dislike push notifications. Instead, they prefer opting for notifications and seeing updates on brands that they like. You will get ahead in paid social if you understand how to get people to opt into what you’re selling. Also, monitor how platforms change, look at feature launches, and reflect on how these developments might change your strategies.

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