How Keywords Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is one of the most important aspects of modern business because it has proven to grow small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through various tools. A digital marketing agency is often one of the most in-demand services because of their work with social media management, advertising, and other promotional content. 

While running digital marketing services requires an entire package of processes, search engine optimization (SEO) continues to be one of the most integral tools for long-term success and growth. Content marketing is well-supplemented by SEO techniques that allow website visibility. The whole goal is to get a brand to be seen by people online during a Google search, as this is the way new sites and products are discovered. 

The Importance of Finding the Right Keywords

Keywords are what run SEO in the right direction. These sets of words are the tools that are highly relevant to your brand and the products or services you offer. 2020 showed businesses just how vital SEO is to stay afloat, as SMEs took a big hit due to COVID-19 restrictions. People relied heavily on search engines to find things from home and stay updated with various changes to business protocols. 

Digital marketing agency services will typically run keyword research to find the ones that fit a business’s brand identity and similar items to remain competitive. These words are what people usually type to find specific products or services similar to what your company might offer. Google’s algorithm is smart, and it ranks a website’s SEO scores based on their content marketing quality. 

Integrating these words into your website’s blog or pages means that search engine algorithms will locate and start ranking them accordingly. The more high-quality articles or content pieces you create around these keywords, the higher your page will rank. Take note that this tool is a long-term growth strategy, which means that results don’t come overnight. 

Researching the Correct Keywords for Your Business

These words come in three variants. The first is short-tail, followed by middle-tail, and capped off by long-tail forms. These all have different effects on how engines like Google pick them up, meaning that having more of each can significantly improve your chances of gaining visibility. 

Short-tail keywords are those that consist of one or two words and are typically broad and generic. An example of this is if a company sells skateboards, their short-tail keywords can be “skateboards” or “skateboard shops.” These have high search volumes because people are typically going to search this way before running other keywords. 

Middle-tail keywords consist of three or four words with more specified themes that have lower search volumes. If skateboarding is what the brand promotes, the term can be “skateboard lessons in Canada” because this is more specific and has fewer searches. 

Long-tail keywords are over four words and are very detailed and specific but have a lower search volume. These can be things like “best penny boards for Canada’s roads,” which is extra precise because it talks about a model and a notable place. 

The Right Mix

Having plenty of keywords can make SEO more powerful. The trick is not to spam these words endlessly or take “shortcuts” to rank higher with less work. Google’s algorithms are brilliant, and these will sniff out content pieces that aren’t organically made. Use the right mix of keywords and ensure that they are relevant to your business to have the best results. One trick that works has various topics to tackle different products or services provided so that content marketing strategies don’t become monotonous. 


Keyword research is integral in pushing search engine optimization in the right direction. Without a good set, content marketing will not be effective and sufficient to provide growth. Good results come with a healthy set of integrated keywords into a well-produced article or post, so start the research process and dive deep!

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