Holiday SEO: 3 Fundamental Tips for Winning More Rankings

The holiday season isn’t just a time of busy preparations and gift-giving; it’s also a time of busy Internet activity. During this part of the year, more customers are searching online for gift ideas for family and friends. They’re also likely looking for ways to find the best deals for the vacation of their choice. 

In the same way, businesses and brands are also busy trying to draw the attention of these customers. Whether it be through promos and time-limited offers, these businesses implement various strategies to stand out in the competition. 

If you have the same goal this year, you should know that you will have to think about your holiday SEO and marketing strategy well. A thoroughly planned strategy will help you be seen, while a poorly prepared one may only cost you your time, efforts, and budget. 

On that note, here are three fundamental tips you must keep in mind to help your business improve its rankings this festive season:

1. Plan Way Before the Holiday Season 

Before anything else, it pays to remember that search engine optimization is not a short-term activity. It does not bring quick results like paid search. You will have to work on it consistently and over a long period to see results. 

If you want to be visible for holiday-related queries, you will need to push out relevant content before December rolls in. Updating existing holiday-related content at least 6 months before is worth exploring as well.  

Keeping a content calendar throughout the year is a smart way for you to determine when it’s time to start building content for the holidays. 

2. Get Your Content on as Many Platforms as Possible

You shouldn’t stop with scheduling and publishing holiday-themed content. You must also see to it that it is visible in different online spaces as well. 

A practical way to do this is to collaborate with your paid ads and social media team. Coordinating with them regarding the blogs and posts you are about to develop will enable you to maximize each and every content. 

As long as you give them a detailed timeline of your content production, they should be able to create their own calendars to promote your content. Consequently, they will be able to come up with strategies to ensure that your target audience gets to see these materials, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, or other platforms.

3. Prepare Your Website for a Spike in Holiday Traffic 

As you are coming up with strategies to bring more people to your website, you must not forget about the technicalities. Your site needs to be able to accommodate the sudden influx of viewers during this holiday season. A platform crashing down due to the increase in traffic may only give your prospects a negative impression and drive them away. 

For this matter, you will need to work closely with your website design and development team. They will take care of all the technicalities so that you can continue with your marketing efforts with peace of mind. 


Just like you, your competitors will be out there to draw the attention of consumers during the holiday season. It is for this reason that you must invest in your SEO efforts early on. Doing so will put you in the best position to be easily seen by prospects come December. 

On that note, make sure to follow the three fundamental tips mentioned above. Planning early and thoroughly, promoting your content, and preparing your website are all crucial in improving your SEO ranking and attracting more customers this season. 

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