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AI & ML Pioneers

Backed by the sharpest minds in computational science, Docma provides revolutionary artificial intelligence and machine learning services.

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We created an iconic representation of the Docma name, highlighting its industry-leading, premium expertise, and integrated its Canadian roots.


No prior branding or design existed
Needed to integrate gold, premium class, with Canadian inspiration
Need to portray its strong computational background as a new start-up
Need to communicate technology/computer science

Our Mission

We developed a premium brand highlighting its iconic Canadian heritage

We needed to ensure Docma's core values of its strong, expert-level background in computational technology blended with its iconic Canadian roots.

A Canadian computational technology brand was born

Docma's brand conveys a strong sense of creativity, quality, class, and Canadian-inspiration.

Gold-integration highlights premium-level standards
Maple leaf iconizes Canadian heritage
Gentle, soft curvature conveys smooth, easy transitions that reinforce the brand's focus on easily introducing artificial intelligence and machine learning into organizations
Primary and secondary fonts provide clarity, yet reinforce and communicate Docma's focus on computational technology
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Mid Light Purple Blob
You nailed our branding perfectly. Every aspect of our brand's mentality and values integrates seamlessly from our logo, branding, and website. Thank you!
Sam Rowe
Owner & Operator

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