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20+ years of quality woodworking tradition

With over 20 years of custom woodworking expertise, Beavers Building proudly provides custom furniture, stairs and railings, architectural millwork solutions, and much more in Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, and Guelph.

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We designed and developed a new, custom website that highlights the rich, authentic tradition of Beavers Building's 20+ years of quality woodworking craftsmanship. This resulted in a lightning-quick, SEO-friendly, high-converting website.


Needed to rank higher in local search results
Needed a presence that reflected their high-end work
Needed to increase website structure for more organic conversions

Our Mission

Increase site speed and organic keywords for better rankings and web conversions

Beginning with initial keyword research, cross-referenced with Beavers Building's service offering, our goal was to create a lightning-quick website that's easy to navigate and is fully-optimized to improve local search rankings.

We increased organic search rankings and improved the brand's positioning

By creating a cohesive, sharp design, with accents of rich mahogany and oak as the base of a colour palette, we were able to highlight Beavers Building's quality craftsmanship and luxurious products. In addition, by increasing the website's organic keywords, fully-optimized for local search visibility, we put forth a fast, responsive, high-ranking website that immediately reflected in significant organic search results increases. Best of all, the new website is fully client-manageable.

Improved brand positioning as a high-quality, prestige product
Immediately improved organic search results rankings
Improved user experience design
Increased on-page organic keywords for local ranking visibility
Created a client-manageable website solution
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For years we struggled to acquire new business organically, but since launching our new website, our local search visibility has skyrocketed and our website is finally representative of our quality of work.
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