5 Keys to Successful Email Marketing – Our Guide

You can ignore your social media notifications for a long while, but never your email. Email is where people get important information, so regular checking has been part of our daily habits. Checking emails is easily done thanks to mobile phones. This medium and its easy access make email marketing one effective tool in digital marketing.

Email marketing is easier to execute and cheaper than other online marketing methods. It also gains more concrete results than other methods. If you’re already into or thinking about activating your email marketing, here’s what you should remember to make a hard-working and compelling email marketing campaign:

1. Customize your message

No one wants to receive ‘spam’ messages or those auto-respond-like messages. Don’t let your customer delete your emails without reading them. You can avoid this by making them feel that you are talking directly at them and that you truly care about them.

Here are some ideas you can explore:

  • Instead of a general greeting, make it more personal by mentioning their name in your email’s first line and email body.
  • Curate content according to their needs and desires. Don’t just send out articles they won’t find useful. Send content according to their recent purchases and product wishlist. That is how you can convert them from first-time buyers to repeaters and regular customers.
  • Greet them on their birthday or membership anniversary.
  • If your system notices that they left an online shopping cart during the checkout process, consider sending a customize message reminding them of their pending items.

2. Beautify your template

Your content may be well-written, but without the visual appeal, your email might still be ignored. While DIY design can help you save up on expenses, skills and visual ideas are needed to make your templates more productive. Design enhances the effectiveness of your message. Use it to your advantage. Work with a professional designer to customize and improve your email templates. Your designer must be knowledgeable of the correct layouts, dimensions, and designs to use for email marketing.

3. Never buy a list from a third party

One way to get email addresses for your email marketing is through buying from a third party. Do not ever consider doing this. Emailing random addresses about products or services they don’t know about or that don’t interest them will only cause your business bad remarks.

Try your best to get the email addresses of your past and current customers or of those who show interest in your business. It may be a slower route, but you are sure that your contacts are genuinely interested in what you sell.

4. Add sign-up forms and a “subscribe” box

Integrating email marketing in your online shop check out will help you gather more contacts and subscribers. Consider adding a customize message upon check out that will remind them to sign up. You can also reward them with a percent-off coupon or code, or a freebie to encourage participation.

5. Never send spam messages

Different email providers have different criteria on how they categorize a message into spam. Some of them are:

  • Specific words or phrases
  • Design that hides the subscription options

When your email gets to the spam list or worse, gets a block, it will take a long while before you can correct the situation. Professional marketing providers who know the dos and don’ts can help you avoid this concern.


Email marketing is an effective and cost-effective tactic to create a connection with your customers. It’s an easy and strong way to convert sales and inform your customers. Allow your business to grow by investing in this aspect of your content marketing. Follow our guidelines above or consult your trusted digital marketing agency to create a strategy for your business.

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